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Executive Director


Chanda Felder is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach, prayer warrior, but most importantly, she is a child of God.  Born and raised in the city of Chicago Chanda has the heart to serve the those in need. 

Chanda’s passion for helping others started in the early 2000s while volunteering at her local church. She joined various outreach projects where she took her mission to the streets to feed those in need and win souls for Christ. 

By 2012, she’d developed such enthusiasm for it that she started organizing her own service projects in the Chicagoland area. It makes Chanda feel good, to know that she is helping to make a true difference.

Chanda’s goal in life is to help get men, women, and youth from where they are to the place where God desires them to be. Her vision is to provide food, spiritual care, housing, health care, outreach and social services to adults and youth who struggle with homelessness, poverty, and loneliness.

Homelessness is an extremely isolation condition for any human being to have to endure. Just saying “hello” and smiling can encourage a person and even make their day. Treating them as the humans they are with friendly conversation would lift their spirits. Chanda acknowledged quickly that she could not help everyone by herself. She is fortunate to have family and friends who felt the same way she did, which lead to the birth of her not-for-profit organization “YouB4Me”.

YouB4Me brings together people of a diverse of backgrounds to befriend those in need. We don’t just provide food to nourish their stomachs, we feed their hearts with supportive words, active listening, and extended hands to lift them up from where they’ve fallen.


Always dedicated to giving back, Chanda will be donating 25% of all proceeds from her book, “Away With the Tears, I’m Ready to Live”, to feeding the homeless community in the Chicagoland area.  

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