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Our Organization 

You B4 Me is an Illinois 501c3 nonprofit corporation that provides support and resources to

individuals and families in need. You B4 Me will do this by partnering with local schools, homeless

shelters, group homes, community leaders, and neighbors to work together to provide resources to

those in need. You B4 Me will work with various social service agencies in Illinois to provide its

charitable works and provide and facilitate aid to all individuals in need. You B4 Me believes they

can eradicate the negative outcomes endured by many homeless or impoverished people, one

resource at a time.


You B4 Me’s mission is to alleviate hunger in Cook County by soliciting, collecting clothing, daily personal items, and preparing food for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target homeless population groups. Our services include: collecting clothing, hygiene care packages, food donations and delivering these items directly to homeless shelters, and providing opportunities for self-sufficiency.


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You B4 Me’s vision is to ease the burden of underserved and low-income individuals and families from having to worry about such constant, essential need as food, hygene products, and other basic living supplies, by not making cost a factor. 



Chanda Felder is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach, prayer warrior, but most importantly, she is a child of God. Chanda’s passion for helping others started in the early 2000s while volunteering at her local church. She joined various outreach projects where she took her mission to the streets to feed those in need and win souls for Christ. 

By 2012, she’d developed such enthusiasm for it that she started organizing her service projects in the Chicagoland area. It makes Chanda feel good to know that she is helping make a difference.

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